State Taxes Department

    Brief information of the department:

    State Taxes Department is headed by Commissioner, State Taxes and comes under Secretary of Finance. There are only two offices in each District headed by State Taxes Officer, Circle Leh/Kargil.

    Vision: –

    To build an atmosphere that encourages and incentivises self compliance of Taxes Laws and mobilises revenue in an efficient manner .

    Mission: –

    To provide excellent services to the honest dealers in a fair, professional, convenient and courteous manner with just application of Statutes and use of latest Technological Tools.
    State Taxes Department Union territory of Ladakh is a major contributor to the Tax Revenues. This department manages complete tax administration life-cycle of taxpayers under Goods & Services Tax (GST)/ apart from managing other important acts Motor Spirit and Diesel Oil Act (MST).
    The basic objective of the Goods and Services Tax is to bring all the persons liable to pay taxes in the stream of GST .Goods and Services Tax is a comprehensive tax to be levied on both goods and services.

    Name of the Officer Designation Contact No.


    Mr. Umang Narula Advisor and Finance Secretary 01982-257560
    Mr. K. Mehboob Ali Khan Commissioner, State Taxes 01982–260888
    Mr. Dr. Iftakhar Ahmed Chowdhary Commissioner, Appeal 01982-
    Mr. D C Rajath Kumar Additional Commissioner 01982-256776
    Mr.  Virindar Singh Pawar Assistant Commissioner (Enforcement) 01982-257636


    S.No Name Designation Email
    1. Mr. K. Mehboob Ali Khan, IRS Commissioner, State Taxes 01982–260888
    2 Mr. Dr. Iftakhar Ahmed Chowdhary Commissioner, Appeal
    3 Mr. D. C. Rajath Kumar, IDAS Additional Commissioner 01982-256776
    4 Mr.  Virindar Singh Pawar Assistant Commissioner 01982-257636
    5 Mr. Mohd Yosuf State Taxes Officer N/a
    6 Mr. Phunsog Namgiyal State Taxes Officer (Enforcement) N/a

    S.No Subject Status
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    General Administration Department
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    Assignment of charge. 22/11/2023
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    Circular No: – 11-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Celebration of Constitution Day on 26th of November, 2023. 20/11/2023
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    Corrigendum:-In the interest of the Administration, the transfer order issued vide Order No. 398-LA (GAD) of 2023, Dated 16-11-2023 stand rescinded. 18/11/2023
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    Order:-398-LA (GAD) of 2023:-Transfer and Postings of Officers. 16/11/2023
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    Order no:-389-LA(GAD) of 2023:- Tour Programme of Officer From UT Ladakh to Gujarat. 13/11/2023
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    Corrigendum to Order No:-373-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Appointment of Nodal Officer for implementation of Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra in UT of Ladakh. 06/11/2023
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    Corrigendum to Order No: – 372-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Constitution of committee for implementation of Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra in UT of Ladakh. 06/11/2023
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    Order No: – 369-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Deployment of officer in UT Secretariat.Deployment of officer in UT Secretariat. 31/10/2023
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    Order No:- 367-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Grant of leave and station permission outside the country in favour of Sh. Sanjeev Khirwar, IAS, Principal Secretary, UT Administration of Ladakh. 30/10/2023
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    Order No.- 368-LA(GAD) of 2023:-Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls w.r.t01-01-2024 as qualifying date -Appointment of Electoral Roll Observers -Regarding. 30/10/2023
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