Secy Animal and Sheep Husbandry convenes press conference Talks on various initiatives taken in Changthang region

    Publish Date: 9 December, 2021

    Leh, December 08: Secretary Animal, Sheep Husbandry, Ravinder Kumar convened a press conference today in his office chamber to appraise about the work done and initiatives taken by the Department of Animal and Sheep Husbandry, in the area of nomadic life in the Changthang region of Ladakh, this year. Director, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, Dr Mohd Raza was also present.
    Addressing the media, Secretary Ravinder stressed that in order to sustain and increase the population of sheep and goats in the Changthang region it was important to develop pastureland. In that regard, he informed that pilot projects have been started for pasture land development on the department lands in Rongo, Nyomo, Nider and Tsaga.
    Further, he informed that apart from this in Kharnak and Konga, the department is working along with the local community towards pasture land development which will start next season.
    Additionally, he informed that the Department of Animal and Sheep Husbandry will work together with Dr. Rawat, Ex Director, Wildlife Institute of India to formulate a long-term policy for pasture land development in Ladakh. He added that along with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, irrigation and fodder land will be developed in stations at Mudh, Kharnak Rongo and Chumur so that in the coming days the areas lacking in pasture can be taken care of.
    In the press conference, Secretary Ravinder informed that this year, the department has procured 3200 quintals of pelleted feed and 500 quintal fodder which is two and a half times more compared to last year.
    Also, he informed that the Department is well prepared for any emergency in winter. He said that along with CPWD, fodder banks are being established in Nyoma and Tangtse so that in both the regions if there is an immediate shortage it can be met.
    Furthermore, he added that for the first time in UT Ladakh the entire population of sheep and goats in the Changthang region has been vaccinated for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to reduce their mortality. Secretary informed that two vaccination vans and four mobile clinics have been started for vaccination and treatment purposes. He said that for the first time we are trying for AI for Pashmina goats so that we can do selective breeding and breed improvement in Pashmina goats and we have trained our staff too.
    He also informed that a Deemo unit will be set up to improve the livelihood of the nomads and informed that a Yak Research Centre is also proposed.
    He informed that Changthang Pashmina Grower Society has been given a revolving fund to give the pashmina growers benefit and for them to increase their cattle. Regarding GI tagging of pashmina fibre, he informed that the process was going on and soon it will be completed.
    Further, he stated that 100 portable community toilets have been established, 300 insulated houses are being established in the winter locations for the nomads so that they won’t have to keep shifting from their tents and have a fixed place to live. He added that apart from this a lot of initiatives are being taken by the department, the aim is to sustain the population and to increase the income of the people. In order to link nomadic life with tourism, two nomadic museums will also be established which will help tourists understand the local culture and the locals will make an income too.
    Secretary Kumar also took several questions from the media on a wide range of issues related to Animal and Sheep Husbandry.