Power Development Department

    Brief information of the department:

    Power Development Department, UT Ladakh comprises of three verticals i.e. Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The Power Development Department, UT Ladakh is headed by a Secretary with two Chief Engineers for  Generation & Distribution Wing, PDD, at UT level.

    Name of the Officer Designation Contact No.


    Sh. Ravinder Kumar Administrative Secretary 01982-259302
    Sh. Ghulam Ahmad Mir Chief Engineer, Distribution & Generation Wing 9419176102
    Sh. TsewangPaljor Superintending Engineer, Distribution Circle 9419179868
    Dr.Stanzin Thakchos OSD to Secretary power 9419989666

    Under the Administrative Control of the Ladakh Power Development Department, there are two Chief Engineers heading the Distribution and Generation wings. The existing departmental structure is as below :


    Citizen Charter:

    The Ladakh power Development Department (LPDD) has two wings. Distribution Wing of the LPDD headed by Chief Engineer Distribution looks after the Power Distribution system of Ladakh which involves the input of power from Grid Stations, Hydel Plants etc and further transmission of that power at 66KV/33KV and 11 KV for public utilization at LT Voltage. The department is engaged in the daily operation, repair and maintenance of electrical infrastructures in the UT for providing reliable and quality power to all its consumers. Further, the department also looks after the various infrastructure development works implemented under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes such as Saubhagya, DDUGJY, IPDS, RAPDRP, PMDP Rural and Urban etc. as well as projects under funding from UT Budget under State Capex and SDP.

    The Generation wing of the LPDD is headed by Chief Engineer Generation is engaged in the Operation and Maintenance of various Small Hydro Electric Projects in the Leh and Kargil Districts. This also involves preparing of DPRs for new projects, erection and construction of new projects.

    Schemes closed in March 2022:
    1. IPDS
    2. RAPDRP – Part B
    3. DDUGJY
    Ongoing Schemes:
    1. PMDP Rural
    2. Addl. PMDP Rural
    3. PMDP Urban
    4. Addl. PMDP Urban

    1. The foundation stone for 220 KV Srinagar Leh Transmission Line was laid by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in August 2015.
    2. In Feb 2019, the SLTS was completed, commissioned and put in operation making reliable power available in Ladakh.
    3. The Saubhagya Scheme was implemented in the UT of Ladakh after wherein 100% of electrification of Ladakh was achieved. 4411 Households were electrified under the scheme.
    4. Under the UJALA scheme, a total of 2,30,630 Nos.LEDs were distributed in the UT (Leh & Kargil District) in 2016.
    5. IPDS: augmentation of 2X6.3 MVA Leh and Kargil Substation to 2X10 MVA has been completed. 93 Nos DTS have been charged, LTAB 62 KMs and 24 KMs new HT line works completed. The scheme has been closed in march 2022. Closure amount of Rs. 18.42 cr.
    6. RAPDRP-B: 147 Nos DTs installed along with 35 KMS LTAB cable and 39 KMs new HT line. The scheme has been closed in march 2022.Closure amount of Rs. 17.19 Cr.
    7. DDUGJY: 27 Nos village electrification has been completed under the scheme. 1 Nos. 33/11 KV Disket Substation in Nubra has been completed and charged. The scheme has been closed in march 2022. Closure amount of Rs. 55.89 Cr.
    8. PMDP Urban and PMDP Rural are ongoing schemes along with Additional PMDP Urban and Rural Schemes. Closure in March 2023.
    9. PDD added Total 154.60 KMs and 153 KMs of 11 KV line in the year 2020-21 and 2021-22 under SDP and UT Capex budget.
    10. PDD added Total 72.79 KMs and 141.2 KMs of LT line in the year 2020-21 and 2021-22 under SDP and UT Capex budget.
    11. PDD added Total 92 Nos and 157 Nos of Distribution Transformers in the year 2020-21 and 2021-22 under SDP and UT Capex budget.
    12. 66/11 KV Drass substation and Chuchot substaions have been commissioned in October 2021. The commissioning of new substations has reduced the load congestion on the existing substations, providing more reliable power to consumers by reducing the HT line lengths
    13. The 66/11 KV Army GH Substation is completed and commissioning related tests have been completed successfully.
    14. Works under UT Capex, SDP and CSS are being taken up for grid connectivity to remote villages of Leh and Kargil Districts.
    2020-21: 19 Nos DG sets Phased out (2000 KVA)
    2021-22: 4 Nos DGs Phased out (760 KVA)
    15. The Renovation and Modernization of 3 MW Igo-Marcellong HEP has been completed successfully under UT Capex Budget.
    16. PDD has filed the petition for Tariff Revision to JERC for UT of J&K and Ladakh in 2022.
    17. PDD has prepared the Action Plan and DPR for implementation of RDSS scheme in the UT of Ladakh with a total project cost of Rs. 1172.21 Cr. The electrification of Changthang Region has been included in the RDSS Scheme along with downline distribution infrastructure in Zanskar region.
    18. The 220 KV Transmission System for Nubra to Zanskar with a project cost of Rs. 1308 Cr. is approved and works have been started by RECPDCL. Completion by Oct-23.
    19. The implementation of Smart Metering has been approved under SDP Budget and tender has been issued by RECPDCL for the same. A total of 60,00 units shall be installed in phases as per availability of network.

    Distribution Wing, LPDD: –



    Name Designation Email
    1 Er. Ghulam Ahmad Mir Chief Engineer, Generation Wing, Kargil Ladakh. 9419176102
    2 Er. Tsewang Paljor Superintending Engineer, Distribution Circle 9419179868
    3 Er. Tundup Spalzang Executive Engineer

    Electric Distribution Division & Sub Transmission Division Leh

    4 Er. Altaf Hussain Executive Engineer, Electric Distribution Division Kargil 9622756285
    5. Er. Wahab Ali Executive Engineer

    Electric Sub Transmission Division Kargil 7051171476
    6. Er. Rinchen Angmo Executive Engineer, Project Wing Ladakh. 8492867009
    7. Er. Wajahat Ali Mir Technical Officer to Chief Engineer, Distribution Wing, Kargil. 9596833102
    8. Er. Gurmeet Singh Technical Officer to SE, Distribution Wing, Leh Ladakh. 7298532006
    9. Er. Tsering Sangdup Technical Officer to Executive Engineer and AEE Store, ED Leh. 9906990687
    10. Er. Ashraf Majet Technical Officer to Executive Engineer, ED Kargil. 7006872992
    11. Er. Tashi Dolma Technical Officer to Executive Engineer and AEE Store, STD Leh 9622503725
    12. Er. Ghulam Nabi Malik AEE/TO to Executive Engineer,

    STD Kargil. 7006142749
    13. Er. Ghulam Mohd Qari AEE Sub-Division Nubra.
    14. Er. Gulam Mustafa AEE Sub Division-Ist, ED Leh. 7051037110
    15. Er. Zulfiqar Ahmed AEE Sub-Division-IInd, ED Leh. 9906994192
    16. Er. Stanzin Toldan AE, Sub-Division-Ist Leh. 9622311313
    17. Er. Nawaz Hussain AEE, Sub-Division-Ist, ED Kargil. 9419971976
    18. Er. Mohd Ali AEE, Sub-Division-IInd, ED Kargil. 9419242291
    19. Er. Ali Mussa AE, Sub-Division-IInd, ED Kargil. 7006872991
    20. Er. Sarfaraz Nazir Khan AE, Store, ED Kargil. 7006112344
    21. Er. ChosyingDorjay AEE, Sub-Division-Ist, STD Leh. 8899743233
    22. Er. Tashi Dolma AEE, Sub-Division-IInd, STD Leh. 9622503725
    23. Er. Mohd Khalil AE, Sub-Division-Ist, STD Kargil. 7051459791
    24. Er. Avtar Singh AE, Sub-Division-IInd, STD Kargil. 8491993281

    Generation Wing, LPDD : –



    Name Designation Email Ph.No.
    1. Er. Ghulam Ahmad Mir Chief Engineer, Generation Wing, Leh Ladakh. 9419176102
    2. Er. Maqbool Hussain Chief Project Engineer, Kargil Ladakh. 7051195426
    3. Er. Anwar Hussain Executive Engineer, EPD Leh. 8899220849
    4. Er. Feroz Hussain Executive Engineer, EPD Kargil. 7006831417
    5. Er. Gulzar Hussain


    Executive Engineer, CD-I Khaltsi. 9419176061
    6. Er. Syed Mohd


    Executive Engineer, CD-II Leh. 9419176480
    7. Er. Mohd Abbass Executive Engineer, CD-I Kargil. 6005292448
    8. Executive Engineer, CD-II Kargil.
    9. Er. Stanzin Dodjoo Technical Officer to Chief Engineer, Generation Wing, Leh Ladakh. 9971007114
    10. Er. Kacho Sajjad Ali


    Technical Officer to Chief Project Engineer, Kargil Ladakh. 9469270751


    11. Er. Tashi Rgailpo Technical Officer to Executive Engineer and AE MHS Sub-Division, EPD Leh. 9906353166
    12. Er. Technical Officer to Executive Engineer, EPD Kargil.
    13. Er. Zakir Hussain AEE/Technical Officer to Executive Engineer, CD-I Khaltsi. 7051414014
    14. Er. Sonam Chuzin Technical Officer to Executive Engineer, CD-II Leh. 7051111279
    15. Sh. Romesh Kaith


    Geologist Engineer



    S.No.  Name of Public Information Officer First Appellate Authority
    1. Dr. Stanzin Thakchos, OSD to Secretary, UT Ladakh  

    Sh. Ravinder Kumar, Administrative Secretary

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    1 Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act – 2005 Section 4(1)(b) Click Here To View