General Administration Department


    The General Administration Department, Ladakh by virtue of its duties is the nerve center of the administration. It came into existence after the bifurcation of erstwhile state of J&K into UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and UT Ladakh on 31st October, 2019. The Department functions under the supervision and control of the Lieutenant Governor, Advisor to Lieutenant Governor and the Administrative Secretary of GAD.


    To ensure highest standards of efficiency, transparency, accountability and citizen-centricity in the UT administration by providing efficient, trained, and committed manpower;

    To provide expert consultation, services and solutions in an efficient and citizen-focused manner to the Hill Councils, Division, District and Sub-Divisional level administrative units to enable them delivering efficient public service.


    The General Administration Department is mandated with the daunting task of overall Human Resource Management of whole of the UT Administration including departmental re-structuring, cadre review, management of Indian Administrative Service of Ladakh wing of AGMUT Cadre, Ladakh wing of KAS cadre, drafting of recruitment rules, interdepartmental coordination, capacity building and training, public grievance redressal, establishment issues of various departments, coordinating with Ministries in the Govt. of India, implementation of RTI Act, e-governance measures for simple efficient & transparent governance

    S.No. Name Designation e- mail Id.
    1. Sh. Ajeet Kumar Sahu (IAS) Commissioner/Secretary
    2. Ms. Sonam Chhosdon, JKAS


    Deputy Secretary

    3. Mr. Zakir Hussain, JKAS


    Deputy Secretary
    4. Ms. Stanzin Donsal, JK Accounts Services Sr. Accounts Officer
    5. Mr. Tsewang Nurboo, Assistant Director , Planning
    6. Mr. Zahir Ahmad Private Secretary


    Administrative decisions pertain to recruitment and review, personnel services, career opportunities, human resource development, disciplinary and legal matters, official language implementation, public relations, Annual Performance Appraisal Reviews, welfare, RTI etc. Most of the decision making has been decentralized and are taken at various Centres/Units as per the delegation of powers. As a part of decision-making process, a three-tier system viz., Dealing Assistants, Officer, Head of the Office/Department and competent authority is in place for streamlining the business procedure based on relevant facts and data, rule provisions/position and systematic analysis of the issues in order to facilitate a rational decision-making process.



    The Department is headed by Commissioner/Secretary, Sh. Ajeet Kumar Sahu, IAS. The Commissioner/ Secretary is assisted by following officers at the level of Deputy Secretary/ Under Secretary in placing the various matters/issues of the department, services of the employees, etc to the competent authority for taking decision and in providing suggest about the matters.

    • Ms. Sonam Chhosdon, JKAS, Deputy Secretary is tasked with the processing of files related to issues ranging from service matters, transfer posting, deputation, opinion related files of departments, compassionate appointment, coordination matters etc.
    • Mr. Zakir Hussain, JKAS, Deputy Secretary (Deals with Capacity Building & Training, LAHDC matter).
    • Ms. Stanzin Donsal, Sr. Accounts Officer GAD (Deals with all finance related matters of GAD)
    • Mr. Tsewang Nurboo , Planning -All matters pertaining to planning section of GAD.

    Citizen Charter

    The GAD being an overarching department strive to provide seamless services to all the citizens at doorstep to the extent possible through all the department and to make the UT Administration of Ladakh through a committed and efficient bureaucracy.

    With inception of new Union Territory of Ladakh after bifurcation from erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir, the Administration has streamlined the process and business procedure in line with the central government to provide upgraded standards of services, information, consultation, Grievance Redressal. In order to fulfil the above mandate, the Administration has implemented e-office system at Secretariat, Directorate and District Level. These measures have led to greater transparency of in the offices/department. The RTI Act, 2005 of the Central Government is being implemented in UT Ladakh and in addition to that CPGRAMS is also functioning to address the public grievances.

    S. No. Name of the Department Name & Designation of the Public Information Officer (PIO) Name and Designation of the First Appellate Authority (FAA)
    1 General Administration Department and Stationery & Office Supplies Ms. Sonam Chhosdon, JKAS (Deputy Secretary) Sh. Ajeet Kumar Sahu, IAS
    S.No Subject Status
    1 Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act – 2005 Section 4(1)(b) Click To View
    General Administration Department
    Title Date View / Download
    Circular No 03-LA(GAD) of 2023- Uploading/filing of Annual Property Returns (PRs) by the employees of the Administration of Union territory of Ladakh through online Property Returns System (PRS-Portal)-instructions thereof. 06/02/2023
    Accessible Version : View(5 MB)
    Order No -30-LA(GAD) of 2023- Deputation of Officer to Denmark- Interim Allocation of Departments. 06/02/2023
    Accessible Version : View(557 KB)
    Order No 28-LA(GAD) of 2023-Deputation of employees to Union territory of Ladakh- deployment and relieving of Officials thereof. 02/02/2023
    Accessible Version : View(563 KB)
    Order No: -27-LA(GAD) of 2023- Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration- Deputation of Officer for presentation before the Screening Committee. 01/02/2023
    Accessible Version : View(494 KB)
    Order No:- 26-LA(GAD) of 2023- National Colloquium on addressing issues of Out of School Children (OOSC)- Deputation of Officer thereof. 31/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(471 KB)
    Apportionment of Manpower between Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Union territory of Ladakh. 25/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(265 KB)
    Grant of 3rd State Awards on the Republic Day, 2023. 25/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(302 KB)
    Order No:- 21-LA(GAD) of 2023- Sanction of earned leave in favour of Sh. Sanjeev Khirwar, IAS, Principal Secretary, UT Administration of Ladakh & interim allocation of departments thereof. 24/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(307 KB)
    Order No: – 20-LA(GAD) of 2023- Duty of Officers on Republic Day Celebrations 2023 24/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(282 KB)
    Circular No: – 02-LA(GAD) of 2023- Republic Day Celebrations- 2023 24/01/2023
    Accessible Version : View(297 KB)

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