Finance Commissioner reviews implementation of National Land Records Modernization Programme in Ladakh Governing body approves Memorandum of Association and rules and regulations

    Publish Date: 14 July, 2021

    Leh, July 13: Finance Commissioner (Revenue), Ladakh, Dr Pawan Kotwal convened the first governing body meeting of the Programme Management Unit (PMU) for implementation of National Land Records Modernization Programme (NRLMP) today at the UT Secretariat.
    Discussion on varied issues such as Memorandum of Association and the Rules & Regulations, to decide the future course of action for Digitization of the Record of Rights (Jamabandis) & village revenue maps (Massavis) and to ascertain the number of land parcels (Khasra Numbers) of all the 248 inhabited villages as well as the uninhabited villages of the UT of Ladakh were held during the meeting.
    Also, discussion was held on to prepare / design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for conducting survey of all the revenue villages of the Union Territory of Ladakh using Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) Technology.
    During the meeting, Dr Pawan Kotwal stressed upon the officers that all mechanisms of digitization of land records shall be followed as per norms of Government of India. He also told that the main aim of NRLMP is to usher in a system of updated land records, automated and automatic mutation, integration between textual and spatial records, inter-connectivity between revenue and registration, to replace the present deeds registration and presumptive title system with that of conclusive titling with title guarantee.
    Dr Pawan Kotwal informed that a society by the name of Ladakh Land Record Management Agency for the PMU has been approved by the govt. and the order has been issued by the General Administrative Department.
    Speaking about the future course of action of digitization of land records, Dr Pawan directed both the Deputy Commissioners to finish the updation of Jamabadhis by the end of July and asked them to submit the village wise details of land parcels. He also stated that the Digitization of the SRO should be completed within a month.
    Highlighting Svamitva Scheme, he added that Survey of India is setting up 11 Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) Network in UT Ladakh and further informed that locations have been finalised.
    He also asked the Deputy Commissioners to ensure internet connectivity in sub registrar offices so that training of National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) can be conducted. Also, asked to ensure computerization of sub registrar offices.
    Furthermore, he directed the Divisional Commissioner to expedite the registration process of the society and also asked to prepare and design the RFP.
    The governing body approved the Memorandum of association and rules and regulations.
    The meeting was attended by Ajeet Kumar Sahu, Administrative Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Department; Saugat Biswas, Administrative Secretary, Information Technology Development Department; Preet Pal Singh, Administrative Secretary, Law Department; Deputy Commissioners of Leh and Kargil and State Informatics Officer, NIC, UT Ladakh.