Excise Department

    Brief information of the department:

    Excise Department is headed by Excise Commissioner. After Jammu &Kashmir Re-organisation Act, 2019, the Jammu and Kashmir Excise has been extended in both the Union territories.

    The Excise and Taxation Officer supervise the Excise Range Leh-Kargil from only one office which is located in Leh District and comes under the administrative control of Finance Department.

    Excise Department being a major revenue-earning department apart from fulfilling its primary responsibility of revenue collection, the department controls and regulates the liquor intoxicants and discharges the responsibility of making available the same in safe quality to the consumers.


    To reduce the consumption of high alcohol level beverage in Union territory of Ladakh.

    To check bootlegging/smuggling of liquor in the Union territory of Ladakh from neighbouring States/Union territories.

    To bring about greater social consciousness about the harmful effects of consumption of liquor and alcoholic beverages.


    Maximum revenue collection.

    To provide choice of brands and places for consumption to its consumers and a level playing field to all stake holders.

    To ease the licensing procedure for the new applicants in underserved/unserved areas.

    Administrative Department

    Name of the Officer Designation Contact No.


    Mr. Umang Narula Advisor and Finance Secretary 01982-257560
    Mr. K. Mehboob Ali Khan Excise Commissioner 01982–260888
    Mr. D C Rajath Kumar Deputy Excise Commissioner 01982-256776
    Mr.  Virindar Singh Pawar Excise and Taxation Officer 01982-257636
    S.No Name Designation Email
    1. Mr. K. Mehboob Ali Khan, IRS Excise Commissioner 01982–260888
    2 Mr. D. C. Rajath Kumar, IDAS Deputy Excise Commissioner 01982-256776
    3 Mr.  Virindar Singh Pawar Excise and Taxation Officer, Excise Range Leh-Kargil 01982-257636
    S.No Subject Status
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    General Administration Department
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