Ladakh Literature Festival – 2019

    • Start Date : 27/10/2019
    • End Date : 03/11/2019
    • Venue : Central Asian Museum, Leh

    The first edition of the Ladakh Literature Festival (LLF) will be held from 29th to 31st, October, 2019. The Festival hopes to bring together writers from Ladakh as well as neighbouring areas in the Himalayas, and other parts of the world who have an interest in this region. The focus of the festival will be on Himalayan culture with a special emphasis on Ladakh’s history, philosophy, art and architecture, culinary traditions, travel, the environment and mountaineering. Ladakh’s unique position in the Himalayan world has been famously described in the title to Janet Rizvi’s book as at the “Crossroads of High Asia” (1983). For centuries, Ladakh has been a place for the transmission of goods and ideas from many different locations, hosting visitors from Srinagar to Samarkand, Lhasa to Banaras. Ladakh’s culture reflects this cosmopolitanism, intermixing indigenous ideas with all kinds of external elements that reflect on and talk about this part of the Himalayan world. This Literature Festival hopes to continue that story. For more information please visit at

    Venues :

    1. Leh Palace
    2. Central Asian Museum, Leh
    3. Hotel Grand Dragon, Leh
    4. District Library


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