Arbaen e Hussaini processions taken out amidst observance of SOPs in Kargil

    Publish Date: 29 September, 2021
    Arbaen e Hussaini processions taken out amidst observance of SOPs in Kargil (3)

    KARGIL, SEPTEMBER 28, 2021: In commemoration of the exemplary martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and his faithful companions in the battle of Karbala, Arbaen e Hussaini processions were organized with immense religious fervor in Kargil district today with proper observance of COVID-19 SOPs put in place by the Administration.
    The mourners in the processions were wailing and beating their chests in the memory of Imam Hussain (A.S) and his 72 companions who made supreme sacrifices to uplift truth, righteousness, justice and human values.
    Processions were taken out in Kargil Town and other parts of the district this year with limited number of mourners.
    The processions under the banner of Anjuman e Jamiat ul Ulema Isna Ashariya, Kargil (AJUIAK)/ Islamia School Kargil and Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) after passing through the Main Bazar Kargil culminated at Qatilgah and Hussaini Park Kargil respectively where the scholars delved on the essence of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S) and the message of the triumph of good over evil which emanates from the tragedy of Karbala.
    Meanwhile, special prayers were also made for peace and tranquillity in the world.
    The scholars of AJUIAK and IKMT Kargil expressed gratitude to the UT Administration Ladakh, LAHDC Kargil and District Administration Kargil for regulating the Chehlum processions amidst proper observance of SOPs.
    The scholars also exhorted people to ensure proper observance of COVID-19 preventive measures and SOPs so as to keep themselves, their family and the society at large safe from the Coronavirus infection.
    Meanwhile, the District Administration Kargil had made elaborate arrangements to ensure smooth and proper conduct of the mourning processions with observance of SOPs in letter and spirit.
    The processions were held under the close supervision and coordination of the Magistrates, Police Officers, Nodal Officers, Management Committee members and volunteers of AJUIAK and IKMT so as to ensure the implementation of SOPs in a proper manner.
    Special focus was laid on proper adherence of measures like usage of masks, maintenance of proper social distancing, usage of thermal scanners, hand sanitizers, sanitization of the places of processions and other required measures.
    Chehlum processions were also held at Sub Divisional headquarter Drass, Sankoo, Shakar Chiktan, Zanskar and several other parts of the district amidst proper observance of COVID-19 SOPs with participation of limited number of mourners.