GMDC Zanskar organizes week-long educational-cum-exposure tour

    Publish Date: September 25, 2023

    Kargil, Sep 24, 2023: Govt. Model Degree College Zanskar organized a comprehensive week-long exposure and study tour for its students, spanning various Subdivisions of the Kargil district, commencing on September 22, 2023.
    These tours offer invaluable hands-on learning experiences and provide insights into various facets of biology, culture, and history. On the inaugural day of the tour, the students paid a visit to the Damsna Fish Farm located in Suru Valley.
    Dr. Abid Hussain, an Assistant Professor of Zoology, took the opportunity to impart knowledge to the students regarding the feeding habits and behavior of rainbow fish being cultivated at the farm. Additionally, the students were given a tour of the hatchery site, where they gained insights into the breeding and hatching procedures for fish eggs.
    Later they visited Sangrah village to study the podophyllum plant. Ahsan Ali, AP Botany explained the medicinal importance of the plant.
    They also visited historical places like Karpokher to learn about the life and contributions of Mir Syed Hashim, a prominent Muslim scholar of the seventeenth century.
    Students visited Skinmarchey Village at Sankoo to study buckwheat cultivation. Studying buckwheat cultivation is indeed important, especially considering its traditional use in treating diabetes. Buckwheat is a nutritious pseudocereal that is gaining recognition for its health benefits.
    On the second day of the tour, the students ventured to Drass Subdivision, where they visited the War Memorial and paid their respects to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives. Additionally, they had the chance to explore the border village of Mushkoo Valley, where they were able to witness Tiger Hill, another significant landmark in the area.
    The students conducted field visits to various villages in search of the local flora and fauna of Drass.
    A unique and memorable part of the visit to Drass was the opportunity to attend a local marriage ceremony in Matayen Village. This experience provided the students with valuable insights into the rich culture and customs of the village, offering a deeper appreciation of the local way of life.
    Overall the day two of the visit was enriching for the students. Studying fish farming, the podophyllum plant, and traditional buckwheat cultivation are all important topics that contribute to the students’ knowledge and appreciation of their surroundings.
    These experiences will undoubtedly enrich their education and understanding of their region. Dr Abid Hussain, AP Zoology and Ahsan Ali, AP Botany accompanied the students during the exposure tour.