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    Order No. 340-LA(GAD) of 2023: Sanction of Earned leave in favor of Sh. Mohit Sharma, JKAS 16/10/2023
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    Order No: -338-LA(GAD) of 2023.Constitution of Consultancy Monitoring Committee (CMC) for Implementation of Swadesh Darshan 2.0 (SD2.0) in UT of Ladakh. 16/10/2023
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    Order No. 334-LA(GAD) of 2023: Sanction of earned leave in favour of Dr. Vasanthakumar Namasivayam, IAS. 11/10/2023
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    Grant of State Awards for the Year 2023 on the eve of Republic Day 2024-Extension of timeline for Inviting of nominations thereof. 10/10/2023 View(4 MB)
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    Mission Recruitment- Inclusion of UTs (Without Legislature) in the Rozgar Mela. Nomination of Nodal Officer thereof. 10/10/2023
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    Special campaign 3.0 for institutionalizing Swatchhata and minimizing pendency in Government Offices- Nomination of Nodal Officer thereof. 10/10/2023
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    Deployment of officers in UT Secretariat. 09/10/2023
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    Deputation of Employees to Union Territory of Ladakh. 09/10/2023
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    Appointment of State/ULB Level Nodal Officer for National Action for Mechanised Sanitation Ecosystem” (NAMASTE) Scheme. 06/10/2023
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    Constitution of Committee/Board to dispose of the representation received from the School Education Department Employees. 06/10/2023
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    Deputation of Senior Assistants and Junior Assistants for undergoing the “Secretariat Assistants Training Course” at J&K IMPARD, Jammu/Srinagar. 29/09/2023
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    Constitution of a Committee on EMRS District Construction Management Committee. 27/09/2023
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