Finance Department

    Who’s Who:

    S.No Name Designation Phone No
    1 Sh.Umang Narula, IAS Secretary Finance 01982-257560
    2 Mr.RajathKumar IDAS Addl. Secretary Finance (Incharge) 01982-256776
    3 Mr.RajathKumar IDAS Director Accounts & Treasuries 01982-256776
    4 K.Mehboob Ali Khan State Taxation Commissioner, UTGST 01982-260888
    5 Dr.Iftikar Ahmed Chowdary Commissioner, Appellate
    6 K.Mehboob Ali Khan Excise Commissioner. 01982-260888
    7 Rajathkumar IDAS Additional Commissioner, UTGST 01982-256776
    8 Rajathkumar IDAS Deputy Excise Commissioner. 01982-256776
    9 Sukhdeep Singh Dheer Pay and Accounts Officer, Leh 01982-252033
    10 Iftikhar Hussain Pay and Accounts Officer, Kargil 01985-232268
    11 Jigmet Namgail Chief Accounts Officer Fund Office, Leh 01982-252351
    12 Iftikhar Hussain Chief Accounts Officer Fund Office, Kargil 01985-232361


    1. Preparation of Budget.
    2. Re- appropriation of proposals of Departments.
    3. All Opinion Files referred by other Departments.
    4. All Financial Proposals which involves the approval of Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor as per Delegation of Financial Powers.
    5. Interpretation of all financial rules such as GFRs, DFRs etc.
    6. Any other matter referred by Advisor/Administrative Secretary, Finance

    Citizen Charter

    1. Finance Department is responsible for all matters relating to financial procedure and the application of the principles of sound finance.
    2. Preparation of Budgets and supplementary estimates and to exercise budgetary control over the spending of Government Departments.
    3. Re-appropriation proposals submitted by the departments are processed.
    4. To ensure that proper financial rules are framed for the guidance of other departments
    5. GP Fund management of the employees and to carry audit and inspections of various departments.
    6. Finalisation of Pension cases and sending them to the Office of CPAO for payment of pension to the pensioners of the UT of Ladakh.
    7. Consolidation of Accounts of UT in the manner prescribed by the CGA.
    8. Preparation of Annual Appropriation Accounts of the Demand for Grants, submission of statement of Central Transactions and material for finance Account to be sent to the Controller General of Accounts.
    9. All opinion files referred by the departments are redressed in light of General Financial Rules and Instructions issued by the GOI from time to time.
    10. Interpretation of all the financial rules such as GFRs, DFRs for its implementation in the UT of Ladakh.
    11. To infuse financial discipline amongst the public functionaries.

    Directory of Officers and officials:
    S.No Name Designation Phone No
    1 Sh.Umang Narula, IAS Secretary Finance 01982-257560
    2 Mr.Rajath Kumar IDAS Addl. Secretary Finance 01982-256776
    3 MS.STANZIN DONSAL Senior Account Officer 9596944336
    4 MR.RAKESH KUMAR Sr.Accounts Officer (JKAS) 7051904985
    5 MR.TSEWANG DORJI Accounts Officer 9419178921
    6 MS.YANGCHAN DOLMA  Assistant
    Accounts  Officer(AAO)
    7 MR.JAVED MIADAD Assistant Accounts Officer 9419307345
    8 MR.RIGZIN TAMCHOS Assistant Accounts Officer 9419299127
    9 MS.DISKIT ANGMO Assistant Account Officer 9596864922
    10 TSEWANG CHOSGAIN Assistant Account Officer 9622992345
    11 MR.TENZIN CHOEDAK Accountant 9469053573
    12 MR.TSERING DORJAI Accounts Assistant 9596957933
    13 MR.STANZIN ANGCHOK Accounts Assistant 9797454572

    Appellate Authority:

    S.No Name Designation Ph.No E-Mail Address



    Sh.D.C Rajathkumar, IDAS Addl. Secy.


    01982-255819 Civil Secretariat Leh


    Public Information Officer:

    S.No Name Designation Ph.No E-Mail Address
    1 Ms.Stanzin Donsal Sr.Accounts Officer(Public Information Officer) 01982-255819 Civil Secretariat Leh


    S.No Subject Status
    1 Disclosure of Information under Right to Information Act – 2005 Section 4(1)(b) Click Here To View

    Finance Department
    Title Date View / Download
    Circular: Training on LIFMS Application 28/06/2022
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    TA Corrigendum to Order No. 43/F of 2022 Dated 22-02-2022 27/04/2022
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    Order No. 02 of 2022: Authorization of Commissioner, UTGST, Union Territory of Ladakh for the purpose of Section 4 of the Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017. 25/04/2022
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    Order No. 29/Adsecy-F of 2021: Re-Delegation of Financial Powers to Subordinate Authorities of Lieutenant Governor of U.T. Administration of Ladakh 29/12/2021
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    Order No. 28/Adsecy-F of 2021: Declaration of ‘Head of Office’ for purpose of Delegation of Financial Powers 29/12/2021
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    Order No. 01-F (UTL) 0f 2022: Revised rate of Dearness Allowance to Union Territory of Ladakh employees w.e.f 01.01.2022 08/04/2022
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    S.O. 36: The Excise Policy 2022-23 23/03/2022
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    Order No 39/Adsecy-F 0f 2022: Employees of UT Ladakh retired during Jan 2020 to June 2021- calculation of Gratuity and Cash in lieu 25/01/2022
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    Employees of UT Ladakh retired during the period from January , 2020 to June, 2021- calculation of Gratuity and Cash payment in lieu of Leave- regarding. 26/01/2022
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    Payment of Dearness Allowance to Government employees continuing to draw their pay as per 6th CPC. (revised rate effective from 01-07-2021) 26/11/2021
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