DTCC Leh discusses agendas on tobacco control in district

    Publish Date: 23 November, 2021

    Leh, November 23: The District Tobacco Control Cell (DTCC), Leh today conducted a meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Leh, Shrikant Suse, to discuss the agendas on tobacco control in the National Tobacco Control Programme.
    The formation of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) enforcement squads at district HQ and blocks was proposed in the meeting. Displaying COTPA 2003 on the district official website and action against the supply and distribution of illegal tobacco products were discussed along with the plan of COTPA to be included in the monthly crime review of the Police Department. The Health Department authorities also suggested the ‘Continuation of Yellow Line’ campaign and implementing tobacco-free educational institutions guidelines.
    The members of DTCC also discussed action against COTPA violations, including imposing a fine of Rs 500 under Section 4 for smoking in public, whereas for the owner, manager, or authorized officers, the fine placed will be equivalent to the number of offences in public places; a fine for advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products that includes 1st Offence: 2 years/ Rs. 1000/ b) 2nd Offence: 5 years/ Rs. 5000 under Section 5.
    Similarly, the other penalties include a fine up to Rs 200 under Section 6 for the sale of tobacco to minors and around educational institutes; violation of the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products without specified health warnings under Section 7, 8, and 9. The fine includes Manufacture: 1st Offence: 2 years/Rs. 5000; 2nd Offence: 5 years Rs. 10,000/ b) Selling/ Retailing: 1st Offence: 1 years/Rs 1000/ 2nd Offence: 2years/ Rs. 3000/.
    Chief Medical Officer, Additional SP, District Health Officer, Programme Officer Tobacco Control, Assistant Drug Controller, Principal Degree College, Assistant Food Safety Officer, and other district officials attended the meeting.