Cooperative Department

    Vision and Mission. 

    Vision Cooperative is an organization to promote the Cooperative Movement aspires to facilitate the voluntary and democratic functioning of Cooperatives. Societies based on self reliance and mutual aid for overall economic betterment and financial autonomy betterment and financial autonomy. Mission Cooperative is a business model and enterprise which is committed to apply the knowledge and resource acquired over year of its functioning to ensure the following:-

    1. To satisfactorily meet the requirement of consumer, farmers, entrepreneurs.
    2. To maintain transparency and focus on consumer satisfaction.
    3. To continuously strive to achieve higher standards of performance.
    4. To enable growth of all the Cooperative Societies/Cooperative through dissemination of best practices, professionalism and use of technology.
    5. To achieve higher growth better market penetration keeping the best interests of consumer in mind.
    1. Supervising the activities carried out by the various cooperative societies in the field.
    2. Ensuring timely audit of the various cooperative societies through departmental audit wing.
    3. Marketing of various agri-horticultural and animal produce of the region viz vegetables/fruits , pashmina, wool etc. through various Cooperative Marketing  Societies.
    4. Bulk procurement and distribution of chemical/bio-fertilizer through Cooperative Marketing and Primary Agriculture Credit Cooperative Societies at village level.
    5. Procurement stocking and distribution of essential commodities on nominal price all over Ladakh through various consumer Cooperative Societies there
    6. Procurement and distribution of fresh vegetables/fruits during lean winter months to the local population.
    7. Sensitizing people/ towards economic development through formation of new cooperative societies and their registration
    S.No. Name of the




    Contact Number


    E. mail
    01 Moses Kunzang Additional Registrar 9419178322
    02 Dr. Zakir Hussain Deputy Registrar  Kargil 7780902943
    03 Dr. MohdAbass Deputy Registrar Leh 9906349061


    Schemes / Works under SDP   Name of the project Approved allocation 2022-23 Estt.Cost


    DPR Work Allotted Tender Expenditure during Fy 2022-23 Physical status
    0ngoing Work SDP
    1 Const.of vegetable/fruit Mandi in both districts 0.250 1.00      yes yes yes 0.0638 90 completed
    2 Cold Storage for Stocking of Vegatable for winter season both District ( Traditional Storage) 0.100 0.7824 yes yes yes 0.0000 90% completed
    3 Cont. of Godown for Fodder / Fertilizer in both District 1.25 1.61 yes yes yes 0.0000 75 %
    4 Const.ofsuper Market Nubra/Sankoo 1.00 2.00 yes yes yes 0.0000 80 % completed
    5 Construction of retailer at far flung areas 1.00 1.4097 yes yes yes 0.0000 70 % completed
    6 Face-lifting of Existing 5 cooperative  retail outlets in Leh District 0.500 0.2541 yes yes yes 0.0000 Tendering level
    7 Const.of balance work fror 1000 MT controlled atmosphere storage at Agling Cold storage 0.2000 1.0512 yes yes yes 0.0000 80 % completed


    Schemes / Works under State Capex Ongoing Work ( State CAPEX ) Approved outlay 2022-23 Estt.Cost DPR Tender Work Allotted Expenditure during Fy 2022-23 Physical status
    1 Construction of Godown for stocking of consumer goods Baroo Kargil 24.44 43.20 Yes Yes Yes 0.0000 90% completed
    2 Upgradtion/Modification of super Market Kargil 0.000 15.77 Yes Yes Yes 0.0000 100%
    3 Construction of multipurpose garage shed motor/vehicle/Machinery 0.310 0.750 Yes Yes Yes 0.0000 100%
    4 Construction of 2 No. of WC’s at office Complex Leh 14.26 17.56 Yes Yes Yes 0.0000 70 % completed
    5 Face lifting of DRC office Complex Premises At Leh 12.88 27.62 Yes Yes Yes 0.0000 90 % completed

    Citizen Charter

    In he changed scenario, it is imperative to re-fix out responsibility/duties towards the Cooperative movement in the UT of Ladakh. The Citizens Charter of the Department is as under.

    1. Cooperative Department as an organ of the Government re-affairs its commitment and resolve to nature the Cooperative movement.
    2. The Cooperative Department has assured he role of the “Facilitator” than as “Regulator” in the past.
    3. The Department has committed to create mass awareness about the principles and practices of Cooperation.
    4. The Cooperative Department is under an obligation to exhort the people particularly the educated unemployed youth to form/ organize Cooperatives in gainful commercial areas which could gracefully sustain them.
    5. The Cooperative Department will continue to held the members of the Cooperative Institutions to resolve their disputes amicably through the hassle free and speedy dispute resolution mechanism provided under the Cooperative Societies Act, 1989/Self Reliant Cooperative Act. 1999.
    6. The Department will intensify its efforts to revive the sick Cooperative Societies, having ceased to function or otherwise not viable.
    7. The Cooperative will be under an obligation to ensure that the existing Cooperative and those to come into being in future cultivate the rue Cooperative culture in their working.


    S.No FAA PIO APIOs Designation Mobile No. E-Mail ID





    Sh. Ravinder Kumar (IAS)

    Muzaffer Hussain Wani Deputy Secretary 9622234526
    01. Dr. Zakir Hussain PIO Kargil Deputy Registrar 7780902943
    02. Manzoor Hussain APIO Kargil Assistant Registrar 7051895151
    03 Dr. MohdAbass PIO Leh Deputy Registrar Leh 9906349061
    4 Sonam Rinchan APIO Leh Assistant Registrar Audit Leh 7006276214
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