Adopt suitable management strategies to fight spread of brown/yellowtail moth disease on apricot trees: Experts to farmers

    Publish Date: 6 May, 2022
    Adopt suitable management strategies to fight spread of brown yellowtail moth disease on apricot trees (3)

    KARGIL, MAY 06, 2022: Scientists of KVK Kargil and experts of the Horticulture Department have advised the farmers in Kargil district to adopt suitable management strategies to fight the spread of brown/yellowtail moth disease on apricot trees in Kargil.
    After a video of such an infection went viral on social media, Principal Scientist KVK Kargil Dr Mehdi Akhone and Chief Horticulture Officer Kargil Ali Raza visited the place and conducted an awareness program.
    Officials informed that in Ladakh after the possible spread of yellow/brown tail moth infestation in some apricot belts of Leh district the infection has been found in lower belts of Kargil particularly Shilikchey.
    Chief Horticulture Officer said this is a case of browntail moth infestation and which can cause serious economic loss if not controlled in the early stage.
    He further said that the infection can be controlled naturally if rainfall occurs and the atmosphere becomes moist.
    “If it doesn’t happen then farmers should come forward and adopt suitable management strategies by cutting the infected twigs having white tent-like web followed by burning or burying deep in soil,” he said.
    Dr Mehdi further added that if the insect is not controlled at the early stage, then it will not only hamper apricot production but also cause allergic reaction to humans.
    He requested people to be vigilant on their apricot trees while going to the field and if they see any such infection report to the Horticulture Department or KVK Kargil for immediate training.
    He further added that an audio message has been circulated on social media for proper management of the insect and people have been requested to follow the instructions to prevent further spread of the insect in the district.
    The Chief Horticulture Officer in his remarks assured the people for any types of assistance specially the equipment needed for the management of the said insect.
    However, chemical control cannot be implemented due restrictions so there is no pesticide available in the store of the department.